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Dear Church Family,           Our Governor has moved Northern Virginia into Phase One dealing with the COVID-19 virus. This means Marsh Road Baptist Church can gather together for services at 50% of our rated capacity, which means we can have 125, more than adequate to care for everyone.           Rest assured we will do our best to provide a safe gathering, continually cleaning and disinfecting our building. We do ask that those who choose to come do so a few…

All Services Online Only

The decision has been made to close our services to everyone, effective immediately, to comply with the Governor’s order. We must ask everyone to stay home and watch the video of our services. We will be streaming the full service for Adult Sunday School, Worship Service and Wednesday Prayer and Devotion. The streams are available to the Marsh Road Baptist Prayer, Praise, and Announcements Facebook group (contact Bro. Billy, Your Pastor or Bro. Robert if you do not have access…

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1514 Old Marsh roadWoodbridge, VA 22191

New Sermons

If The Foundations Be Destroyed

Stressed out, pray. Worried, pray. Anxious, pray. Angry, pray! Upset about the election, PRAY! In everything, in all situations – there is nothing too small and nothing too big, in everything pray!

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Believing Enough to Tell It

Shiela Walsh spoke at a conference in CA in 2002, and this is the story she told. I have shortened the entire story because of time and space. Shiela said: “David sat at the bedside of a man whose breath was labored and shallow. The man stirred and opened his eyes. A nurse held a cup of water with a straw to the man’s lips and then he turned his gaze to David, who introduced himself. “My name is David…

Have You Hidden His Word In Your Heart?

February – the month where hearts are seen everywhere – from heart shaped candy, cards, cookies, cake etc.; love is talked about and sung about, and everywhere tare enticing advertisements to get us to buy gifts for the one we live from big heats of chocolates to heart shaped jewelry and restaurants drawing us in with special “Valentine’s Day” treats and menus. God’s Word has a lot to say about how our hearts are supposed to be and about His…

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